17 ways to get more referrals from your existing clients

Last Friday I found myself sitting alone in the relaxing surroundings of Wrest Park’s cafe. The weather was warm and I was kid free. It’s in these moments that I find the writing starts to flow. Many firms struggle to routinely get more referrals from existing clients, and spend far too much organisational effort and time chasing new clients – rather than mining the potential for more business from their existing clients.

Therefore, I set myself a challenge to find 20 ways to get more referrals from existing clients. I failed in this attempt, but did come up with a credible list of 17.

  1. Proactively find them referrals
  2. Organise intimate networking lunches where you and your client bring 1 guest
  3. Invite your current clients to your events and offer them the opportunity to bring a guest
  4. Set up a referral scheme for your clients which rewards any successful referrals
  5. Send a weekly blog post or email to your clients which they will find valuable to read
  6. Deliver extraordinary client service every time you work with your current clients
  7. When your client gives you some great feedback, ask them for a referral
  8. Connect to your clients on LinkedIn and look through their connections. Ask your client for introductions to their network
  9. Have a relationship plan for each key client so that they hear from you at least monthly
  10. Connect to your clients on LinkedIn and post up a status update regularly
  11. Take a deep interest in your client’s business and what is their ideal client, and why. They will probably ask you for the same thing – this is the time to ask for referrals
  12. When you come to the end of an assignment, have a client review meeting with the client. If the client says great things, ask them for referrals to other people like them who also may need your services
  13. Follow your clients on Twitter and put them on a list so you can routinely chat with them on Twitter
  14. Give your clients a card to give to people they know who may want your services – and offer a benefit to both the new client and referrer if the new client signs up.
  15. Regularly go the extra mile for clients who have referred you or have access to potential clients for you
  16. Include a PS at the bottom of your emails inviting clients to ask you for introductions to people you may know
  17. If you have written a book, e-book or useful report give multiple copies to your clients and encourage them to share widely

What else would you add to this list?

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