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Are weekend partner’s meetings fool-hardy or just good business practice?

I’ve pretty much clocked up a decade now working within the professional services industry. Don’t get me wrong, I love working within the sector and would feel lost going back to a non-partnership environment or a not-for-profit, or heaven forbid a company which sells product. One of the great things about the industry is the […]

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5 ways in which most professional service firms can learn from Ocado

The door bell went…. At the door was the Ocado delivery man. He was three minutes early.  He then proceeded to bring all my shopping in colour co-ordinated bags into my kitchen. There were no large crates to deal with, and it was all so easy… Unlike the recent Tesco and Sainsbury deliveries, I wasn’t […]

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Is your firm falling foul of the ‘every little helps’ test?

The reminder email pinged through to my inbox… [quote]Your 6-monthly delivery saver will automatically renew on the 10th December[/quote] Brilliant, I thought. It should be easy to cancel my Tesco 6-monthly delivery saver. So, I went on-line… Never assume things will be easy! As I found out… The options to change my plan were available, […]

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4 ways every mid-tier firm can avoid being the next Cobbetts

In the current trade press it appears that ‘poor financial management’ is to blame for the demise of Cobbetts. (See what went wrong at Cobbetts). From what I have read that it is in the public domain, this is probably one of the main factors for it’s demise. You could surmise that partner’s drawings were […]