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3 common (but nonsensical) mistakes firms make when appointing a new lead partner

It never surprises me how many firms choose their managing partner based on the size of their client portfolio. I've been recently having a series of conversations with a highly … [Read More...]

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6 things lawyers need to do differently with their business planning process this year to survive

I was recently asked to cast my eye over a business plan template which a regional firm was planning to use. After looking through the document, I thought it would be useful to … [Read More...]

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3 ways every professional service firm can learn from my tailor how to win more of the right type of client

Last week I visited for the first time a tailor. Not just any tailor, but one based in Savile Row. (For my non-UK readers, this is the road where all the top London tailors are … [Read More...]

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5 ways in which most professional service firms can learn from Ocado

The door bell went.... At the door was the Ocado delivery man. He was three minutes early.  He then proceeded to bring all my shopping in colour co-ordinated bags into my … [Read More...]


How my suspected heart attack can help your firm get better at business development

The Doctor turned to me and said: In the next 15 minutes it is going to get very unpleasant for you.. I'm calling an ambulance who will take you straight to hospital on its … [Read More...]

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Is your firm falling foul of the ‘every little helps’ test?

The reminder email pinged through to my inbox... Brilliant, I thought. It should be easy to cancel my Tesco 6-monthly delivery saver. So, I went on-line... Never assume … [Read More...]

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Is adoption of social media the problem, or is it relationship management?

In the last few weeks I have been called in to a couple of firms to talk about helping them with social media. As the conversations have progressed, it has become clear that the … [Read More...]

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3 simple reasons why many firms are struggling to properly embrace social media

Over the last few weeks, I've been asked to talk to some firms about helping them with their social media implementation. As the conversation starts to deepen, it appears that … [Read More...]

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